Reporting Medical Insurance To The IRS – Instructions For Employers

Written by Joanna Morrow

Joanna Morrow, Principal and Founder of Employer Benefits & Advice, is an employer consultant and advocate who has worked in the employee benefits industry for over two decades. She works diligently to help employers overcome obstacles in their business by sharing her expertise in Human Resources, Benefits & Compensation, Process Mapping, Risk Management and ERISA/DOL/IRS compliance. She is a licensed life and health insurance professional in the State of Arizona and is an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

Reporting Medical Insurance To The IRS – Instructions For Employers

For today’s employers, no two areas are more complex than income tax and health insurance. When those two worlds collide, knowing what and how to report to the IRS can save you thousands of dollars. Whether you avoid significant penalties, or obtain a sizeable credit as a result of a claimed expense, good advice is key.

My experience is that most CPAs are generalists. With all of the changes in health insurance in recent years it’s been difficult for many of them to stay on top of what has become a very specialized area. A tax attorney can be a great supplement to your advisor team.

With the help of a tax attorney, in these 2 Free Downloads I offer easy to understand instructions for some of the most complex health insurance scenarios and guidance for correct reporting to the IRS.

Feel free to share with your tax preparation team if either or both apply.